Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand, around a fourteen hour train ride from the capital, Bangkok.

On arrival to the hotel, we had lunch (duck in coconut milk with vegetables) and spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool, which was well needed after the intensity of Bangkok.


That evening we met up with our friends we met on the train up, and went to a bar called Zoe in Yellow.

Feeling slightly worse for ware we woke up the next morning with plans to see elephants and tigers.

First we headed up the winding roads into the mountains, surrounded by jungle to go on an elephant ride.


I rode the elephant sat on it’s neck. Which was a bumpy ride. It was also really prickly, the little tufts of hair you sometimes see on elephants head also run down their backs, and scratched my legs too.

I actually preferred meeting the elephants and being with them as opposed to riding them. If we get the chance further on in the trip, I’d like to go to an elephant park.

Next we headed to Tiger Kingdom, where we came face to face with tigers from four months to two years old.

I was sceptical about the condition that the tigers were being held in but was surprised by how clean the site was and how enthusiastic and professional the staff were.

Tiger Kingdom had a wall dedicated to their claim that they do not drug their tigers, which I hope is true. The tigers seemed docile, and not particularly aggressive to humans. They said that the tigers behave the way they do because of training, though I’m still skeptical. From my perception the tigers didn’t seem obviously drugged or drowsy, but I’m not an expert.

The cats seemed healthy, and photogenic, like this guy.



This little fella was pretty comfy…


Miley Cyrus inspired pose…


Some of the big cats were jumping around…



and this young one liked a good rub…


The next day we headed into town to the markets but all of them seem to be on at night, so we went to the Maya mall for a bit of lunch, I had sushi.


At the recommendation of Spencer from Canada, who we met in Bangkok, we made our way to a small town further north called Pai. In our taxi to the bus station we met Tim and Jesse from Surrey and ended up staying with them there… In bamboo huts… At a circus school. More of that in the next post though…

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