I’m writing this on a sleeper train from Bangkok, rocking my way northwards to Chiang Mai. Here’s a summary of my Bangkok experience:

Having travelled from India, I’m immediately impressed with how civilised it is here, cars only hoot in emergencies, cows do not roam the roads, you’re less likely to step in poo and more likely to step in pad thai, well done Bangkok.

TIP for Bangkok/Thailand travellers: ALWAYS get a metered taxi, it will always be cheaper, some tuk tuks have quoted us fixed prices that are three times that of the actual metered price. taxi drivers will flat out refused to drive on the meter (pink ones sometimes) but others (green and yellow ones) shouldn’t.

Here’s the meter rates if you want to do some research for how much your ride should really cost…


We arrive by metered taxi to the infamous Khosan Road, known for it’s roaring bars, cheap hostels and cheap food, it’s a backpacker magnet.

For the first time on the trip we decided to risk it and arrive in a city with no previously arranged accommodation, which went surprisingly well. We wandered down Khosan Road through the lairy backpackers, weaving past rickshaws serving food alongside scorpions on lollipop sticks. Eventually we found a hostel I’d heard of and luckily they had a room.

Our first stop was the massive MBK mall to get Lauren’s phone fixed.


Inside, the floors of rounded walls mainly exhibited photography with some sculptures. There was an interesting board with papers introducing people’s essays and writings with a pieces of paper with a URL to the full piece of writing, which you could take if you wanted to.


…and a round pingpong table.


Next we got the bus to Chinatown which was bright, loud, and felt more like Time Square than Taiwan.
I was tempted into getting fresh mango with sweet sticky rice, from a street vendor.


Squid and fruit juices…




We drank in the bars down Khosan road and had a great night, meeting people from the UK, Canada, Sweden, and Thailand.


I had a thumb war with a boy selling roses, and saw some rats scurry across the bar floor too – character building stuff.


I also had a shocking hangover.

Anyway, Bangkok is extremely humid and sticky, after a ten minute walk I was dripping with sweat, which made sight seeing a bit of a struggle.


We took a water taxi to Wat Pho, to see the reclining Buddha and monks performing a ceremony in their temple. The temple is known as the birthplace of the Thai massage – so I had one. There was a lot more pressing of specific muscles and stretching than a traditional massage.




Next we crossed over the river to the temple of dawn, Wat Arun, also known as Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan.


The sleeper train was hilarious. The restaurant turned into a bar at night, blaring music with lights projected on the walls, we made some friends too…



I’m now at the hotel in Chiang Mai, it’s a hard life…


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