It was sunset when we arrived in Udaipur, I entered the hotel bedroom and open the stained glass windows to this view.


The morning started with a cup of chai, toast, and a bowl of porridge (I’m not quite ready to have curry for breakfast) on the roof of the hotel, with views overlooking lake Pichola.


We meandered down the narrow crooked streets parallel to the lake, dodging oncoming bikes and tuk tuks. We stopped at Hanuman Ghat for photos of the Taj lake palace (which is now a hotel) and the location of bond movie, Octopussy.


Making our way through craft shop lined alleyways, selling leather bound note books and satchels, we arrived at the city palace, and slowly walked around, taking in the architectural detail.




The nearby Jagdish Temple was bustling with Hindus praying and giving religious offerings, usually a chain of flowers or some fruit. We did this too and anointed ourselves with a bindi.



If you know me well, you’ll understand that I can’t smell farts. There’s been a revelation, I still can’t smell farts but I most definitely can smell cow poo, especially when I step in it wearing flip flops on the way to a massage place recommended by Lonely Planet.

The rest of the afternoon was spent unwinding back at the palace, having drinks and watching marching rehearsals in preparation for the approaching Holi festival.

The evening’s entertainment was a culture dance and puppet show.


I thought three pots were ambitious…


Then Mrs Balan-Singh took it to another level. Level 11, 11 bloody pots on her head!




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