Delhi to Agra

Harry arrives at 8AM ready for the 3 hours drive to Agra.

On the way we passed India’s first and only F1 track just before stopping at a service station for a loo break and a drink. It didn’t take long to decide between the “western” and “Indian” toilet cubicle options.



Soon after we visited the tomb of I’timad Ud Dawah. The white tomb was central in a square courtyard, with 4 red stone buildings on each side. Shallow rivers that once ran between the paths looked parched.



Harry drove down a dusty road to visit the of the Taj Mahal from across the Yamuna river. “We will go to the front tomorrow, for sunrise” he explained.


Arriving at the hotel, the room was spacious, but, didn’t have any external windows – you can’t have it all. The mattress was one that could easily replace a chopping board, a potato would feel at home on it.

A quick lunch at the hotel and we were back on the road, heading to Agra’s red fort. How many people have been to two red forts? By now I’m somewhat of a red fort connoisseur and can tell you that the one in Agra is more impressive. The manicured gardens were well maintained and the rusty red fort stood a little more intact, most importantly it had views of the Agra’s piรจce de rรฉsistance, the Taj Mahal.

Heading back to the car I was unsurprisingly approached by a boy selling postcards. I managed to get him down from 600 rupees to 200 without saying a word.

Dinner was served on a roof top restaurant where the sound of hooting cars on the streets below, sounded on every chew of the rich curry.

An early night was ensured for tomorrow’s 6AM drive to the Taj Mahal.



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