Delhi Part Two

Breakfast was served. A questionable egg sandwich, corn flakes and a banana were presented on the table.

I promptly headed to meet yesterday’s driver at 9.30 as we had arranged the previous evening. He didn’t turn up. I soon got over this and found an equally excellent driver and headed south to the Bahai lotus temple.

Upon entry, shoes were removed and total silence were requested. Members of all faiths were invited to pray in their own way. The simplistic interior was white and cool with row upon row of marble seated benches to meditate on or simply watch the prayer service in progress – it was very calming and peaceful.

UNESCO heritage site, Humayun’s Tomb was the next port of call. Where for the first time I was asked to be in an Indian families photo (more on that later). The red stone tomb and surrounding buildings were set in spacious gardens.

Soon after we popped to the British built India Gage where I was harassed by locals and salespeople alike.

A young boy asked me to change his money into various currencies. My name’s Miles Harris, not Thomas Cook .

A woman making bracelets with people’s names on claimed the price was 5 rupees – so cheap – why not. I wrote “M I L E S” she quickly weaves together green and blue string. She, let’s call her Susan, then demand 25 rupees, claiming it was 5 for each letter of my name. Susan purposely mislead me, and lied. Shocked and irritated I threatened to report her to trading standards, her facial expression remained fierce. Meanwhile, detecting a commotion between a white tourist and a con artist, a crowd appeared.

We settled at 20 rupees. Why on earth did I ever want a bracelet with my name on it? I’m still convinced the M is actually an upside down W.

We visited Jana Mantra, a playground like arrangement of 13 giant astronomic instruments which were used to predict the movement of the sun, moon, and planets.

Lastly we visited the official Indian tourist board where travel plans for the next couple of weeks were discussed and debate over multiple cups of chai. Finally with the help of our fantastic agent, a plan was confirmed, we met our driver Harry who would take us around northern India for the next two weeks, all hotels, insurance, taxes, car parking, and petrol were included.

If anyone is unsure on the best way to spend their time in India, I thoroughly recommend the official Indian tourist board.

iPhone WordPress app is extremely awkward to navigate and move photos… Here are a few I took on my phone along with a couple from snapchat.







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