Transport and arrival in Delhi…


Arrived at Manchester airport in good time. After a brief chat with the check in girl at KLM I managed to arrange an upgrade. Life was good, we got on the plane and turned left… And sat proudly, not in economy, but in economy comfort.

Greeted at the modern Delhi airport, the driver took us to his vehicle which was a cross between a baked bean can and an engine.

A few things I learnt from the eye opening trip to the hotel:

There is no legal requirement for road vehicles to have wing mirrors – the taxi driver fully exploited this.

Road markings are there purely for decorative purposes as the cars wander freely between lanes.

The Indian national anthem should be the repetitively piercing sound that is it’s many hooting, tooting, and pipping vehicles that continues throughout the night, perhaps to the sound of Punjabi MC.

Naturally the taxi couldn’t fit down the narrow Delhi back street, so we walked to the accommodation. The Smyle Inn, yes that’s smyle with a “y”. Straight to sleep and up the next morning ready for the first day in Delhi…




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